Hello, this app automatically tries to relay direct chat into admin-global chat and shows player join/leave messages. It also adds webchat – allows players to talk into global chat via a website.

1. Download http://kokot.wtf/chatbot.zip
2. Edit config.txt, change server IP, port, rcon password and customize these settings, all features can be disabled.
3. Run dayz.exe

If you want to run it on linux, compile it using “gcc dayz.c -pthread -o dayz”


Hope you like it.


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    To be totally honest…what would be the point of having this program? As you demo shows…if someone writes in direct chat – if you look at your in game chat it shows the sentence IN direct and global in 2 consecutive lines. I dont think there would be a need for this program as I cannot see anything it would be useful for.

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      I had only one friendly encounter in my 670 hours of playing until today, when I met 3 players and played with them for few hours without anyone ending up dead. We met in vybor, exchanged some car parts and ammo, got working car and drove around. Without this, someone would just get shot. Having a way to contact players like this (even though you see a little spam there) really helps when trying to be friendly

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    Once tha game is released to modders youll see “side chat” addons being made for the game like the the side chat that used to be in dayz mod. As for this program its not really going to make that much of a difference whether you have friendly encounters or not as for it to properly work every single player on that server would need it (ie client side mod). I think most people will wait for some sort of server side “side chat” to be added – that will include me. Personally I dont want to risk using such a program as this in the case of it being blacklisted by battleye.