Welcome Back Survivors!

This is my final release of this program! I cleaned it up and released the source for it so feel free to do what you want with it. This program will be very useful for persistent servers so that you never forget what server you were playing on and lose that fancy tent! Enjoy 🙂

This is a program that I wrote and what it does is record all the servers that you join. All you do is run the program, click start, then play DayZ. All servers that you join will be saved with the server ip, server name, and the date/time you joined.

Version 1.3 Change Log

  • New: Cleaned up code
  • New: Removed requirement for browsing to your DayZ profile every time you open the program

Version 1.2 Change Log

  • New: Browse to your DayZ Profile Directory
  • New: Browse to your Steam Directory
  • New: Set launch parameters for DayZ (If you have parameters set for DayZ through steam those will automatically be used)

Version 1.1 Change Log

  • Fixed: First number of server ip not being saved
  • Fixed: Double colon in time
  • Fixed: Time and Date layout
  • New: Works with all DayZ Profiles
  • New: Join a selected DayZ server straight from program
  • New: Program is now multithreaded correctly
  • New: Add or Remove servers from list
  • New: A server joined before will be added to the server list if it was not the last server joined
  • Known Issue: If Steam Directory is not on C:// Drive the launch DayZ option will not work
  • Known Issue: If DayZ Profiles are not on C:// Drive then servers will not be recorded
  • Future Update: Custom launch parameters
  • Future Update: Easily edit graphical settings in your DayZ Profile
  • Future Update: Browse for Steam Directory and DayZ Profiles
  • Future Update: Create a desktop shortcut to your favorite server