Tired of manually typing the commands and logging into BERCon each time?
Tired of other tools being overloaded with features?
Just want a universal remote control for your server?
Then you maybe found the right tool here.

You need the .NET Framework in order for this to work, you can grab it here:

What is it?

DaRT is a really lightweight RCon tool designed especially for usage with DayZ.
The goal is to give admins more control over their server via RCon.
The current apps out their are either complicated or don’t include every feature you need.
This is why I decided to make my own.


Here is what it does:
* Connecting to your server via RCon
* Showing you server console (including chat and join/leave messages)
* Showing you player list
* Showing you ban list
* See what country players come from
* Auto refresh
* Enables you to report players to DaRTBans (read more below)
* Creating a local player database
* Kicking, GUID Banning, IP Banning, Offline Banning with just 2 clicks
* Writing in global chat
* Using console (incase you still want to enter commands)
* Talking to players
* Copy player informations
* Search through players
* Reload scripts (server-side)
* GameTracker integration
* And more

Here is what it doesn’t do, and will never do:
* Analyzing log files
* Making any sort of FTP connection
* Log rotation
* Heart beat
* Replacing tools like BEC