15Rnd FNX45 Magazine

A magazine for 15 45ACP rounds.The FNX45 Magazine can be found in Helicopter Crash Sites, general military such as a Police Station and Fire Station but its user the FNX45 can only be found at Hel...

30Rnd AK74 mag

A detachable firearm magazine produced for AK74. Holds 30 assault rifle cartridges 5.45x39mm

Bolts Quiver

A container for crossbow bolts.

12ga Pellets Snap Loader

A snaploader for 12ga shells loaded with pellets

Arrows Quiver

A container for arrows

10 Round Clip

A clip for 10 rounds 7.62x39mm.The 10 Round Clip functions essentially like a Snaploader. It allows the user to quickly reload the SKS's internal box magazines. Similar to Snaploaders you have to d...

10Rnd .22 Mag pistol

Pistol magazine with capacity of 10 .22 rounds

30Rnd Steyr AUG mag

A detachable firearm magazine produced for Steyr AUG. Holds 30 assault rifle cartridges 5.56x45mmPolymer magazine for the Steyr AUG, made by injection moulding. Holds a maximum of 30 rounds in a do...

15Rnd CR75 Magazine

A magazine for 15 9mm rounds.A 15-round, double stack, single row feed magazine for the CR75 handgun. Stamped from steel sheet metal and features a rubber bottom plate, meant to provide a better gr...

30rnd Mag

Standard 30 round magazine for AK type assault rifles, 7.62x39 mmA double stack, double row, stamped metal magazine which holds up to 30 7.62x39mm cartridges. Comes in 2 versions, a standard AK typ...

7Rnd 1911 Magazine

A magazine for 7 45ACP rounds.

Bone Arrows

Bunch of boned arrows

30Rnd STANAG (coupled)

2 x 30Rnd STANAG magazine coupledTwo 30Rnd STANAG magazines coupled together using a metal magazine clamp to enable quick and fluid reloading. Many soldiers as an alternative to using proper magazi...

Composite Arrows

Top grade composite arrows

8Rnd P1 Magazine

A magazine for 8 9mm rounds.A single stack, single row feed 8-round magazine for the Walther P1. It's made out of stamped metal sheets. Loading the magazine requires it to be removed from the pisto...

25Rnd UMP Mag

A detachable firearm magazine for UMP Sub-machine gun. Holds a maximum of 25 rifle cartridges of the .45 ACP variant.

40Rnd 5.56mm CMAG

An aftermarket firearm magazine produced to NATO standards. Holds a maximum of 40 rifle cartridges of the 5.56x45mm NATO variant.A polymer magazine that can hold a maximum of 40 cartridges of 5.56x...

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