The PET Bottle is a portable source of drinking water that survivors can use to replenish their thirst and can be used to make an improvised fish trap.

A PET bottle carries enough water for 5 drinks, that will replenish one fourth (1/4) of your body maximum water capacity. It is commonly found in grocery stores in major cities such as Chernogorsk and Elektrozavodsk, but can be found in any residential loot pile such as those found in houses.

PET bottles can be refilled at water pumps or any source of fresh water. Later in development water might carry the risk of contracting an infection and will require water purification tablets to decontaminate. Alternatively water can also be collected during rain events; rain water is considered to have no risk of infection, but at a rate of 5% of volume caught for each attempt, it can take a while to fill up a bottle.

  • PET bottles cannot be refilled from the sea, as sea water is not potable.
  • Refilling a PET bottle is done by equipping it in your hands and right-clicking on any body of water or water pump, you can also collect water during rain by right click on it and selecting “Click to catch rain in canteen”.
  • PET bottles now hold 250 ml more water than canteens, making them the better option for carrying water. (as of 0.53 stable.)
  • “PET” is short for polyethylene terephthalate, which is a type of plastic used for consumer food and beverage containers.
  • Prior to 0.53, these were known as Waterbottles.

Where to find PET Bottle ?

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