Shared by Comanche6 on January 30, 2015

Whiskey Morning: the prelude to Blood Morning

During an audacious plan by 8 intrepid ZaP members to lure Halfblood and his crew into a firefight, things go hilariously awry…

Watch the sequel to this video, Blood Morning, on Halfblood’s Channel.

Watch an alternative sequel from Taonas’ perspective at his channel:

We thought we didn’t have any footage of that engagement on January 13th but it turns out [ZaP] Donny had shot about 8 minutes before the fight. Enjoy.

The fight took place on the UN/ZaP Private Hive Servers. Server 2 is now whitelisted for you gaming pleasure. Apply for the whitelist at either of the sites below:

Soundtrack: Fiesta by The Pogues

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