Shared by Nick on April 7, 2015

It tells the story of a heartbroken man who has lost it all after his wife became infected by a zombie after he failed to rescure her and is forced to put her down. He goes out wandering, trying to get away from his past and trying to survive in this new world. But nothing is easy anymore and the man starts to understand the term “Survival of the fittest” Things like theft and killing becomes a part of his everyday life, until he has had enough.

Had a project at school to make a music video, so I decided to make one as a love letter to what has the last year been my favourite game: DayZ Standalone.

The song used in this video is “Whatever Comes My Way” by Vienna Ditto
Album: “Liar Liar”
Get the song for free here:

The outro belongs to:

Outro song: “Rites” by Kevin Macleod

The scream used in the video belongs to “MaderaDelEste Films”
Taken from the shortfim “El precio de la vida”(The price of life)

Download link:

Thanks to my friends GoastBreth and LiMiT for helping me make this video: