Shared by Herosper on August 26, 2016

Just before I get spammed with millions of comments on how I shouldnt get attached to my loot: I was fine about losing it, I just wasnt fine about HOW I lost it.

* A little backstory on where and why I was in Cherno stalking some fresh spawns.

I ran from NWAF to the coast (Kamenka) to see if I could find any fresh spawns to offer them help or a little of the supplies I had on me. (some food, the SKS on my back) I decided to go in a spot where I usually go to stalk the police station to see if I could find someone who was completely a 100% fresh spawn. (I didn’t want to give items to somebody who already have a gun.) I was watching the police station for around 20 minutes before 1 person ran into the PS. Right as I was just leaving to go and see if he was ‘worthy’ of some supplies, I saw not 1, but two others following in behind. I waited until I eventually heard RAK shots and the fresh spawn being followed by the guy with a RAK up onto the roof. Then the video began.