Shared by DoctorWarband on August 20, 2015

In this video we see a really nice encounter I had on 0.58. You don’t see that in 0.57 anymore! I missed that. Thank you for watching! Please like the video and subscribed if you enjoyed 🙂 Oh, and sorry if the video is a bit pixelated, I tried recording with OBS. Will try with more bit rate next time 🙂

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All music by Epidemic Sounds and Ross Bugden.

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  • Yeah Bro!

    I like that too… 0.57 was a fucked up patch in my opinion. Everybody running around like rambo. All encounters end up with dead ppl. I found some nice ppl in 0.58 as well! But maybe its just because its exp branch and less ppl playing it, which means of course less morons as well. We will see what is going to happen if 0.58 hits stable.

    I mean pvp is just part of the game. Never barley played a game which thrills me like dayz does, but i think 0,57 is just like a shooter with a big fcking map. Dayz offers more than that and if ppl dont use this opportunity, developers have to drop spawn of aks, m4s, augs and so on to a count of maybe 0-10 for all servers. No cans left only a lot of wildlife animals… No this is ridiculous for sure, nobody would play dayz anymore, but i feel like friendly encounters are as much fun as firefights!