Shared by Dragule on October 3, 2014

This is footage of our scrimmage against Beck’s Privateers. The location was awesome, and I’d definitely like to play there again.

The initial plan was a 10 vs 10, with us taking an 11th member of [BP] hostage, and holding them in the village to the south-west of the island. They were supposed to rescue the hostage, either by freeing them, and leading them back to the ship at the north of the island, or by eliminating all of =VX9=.

We knew we may be in trouble when we only managed to field six guys, and not a single one of us had brought a sniper rifle. Since it was obvious that their sniper-heavy squad composition was only going to be that much stronger against a defensive team with no long range weaponry, we decided to push on with our plan for an initial rush and flank, in order to wipe out their snipers. I was hoping this would disrupt and disorient them into become ineffective, but they had excellent battlefield positioning, and utilized close cover for good effect.

I would say, the plan was executed fairly well; with Killh4wk and I eliminating four of them, but I really wish I would have had one or two extra guys with me. Being able to spread out, and hit the enemy from multiple angles is what I strive to do with every engagement, and in this particular case, it would probably have helped prevent us from passing right by their well camouflaged marksmen. I felt rushed to kill that group of three at the end that was putting heavy pressure on our village team, and it caused me to get a little sloppy with my final assault.

Congratulations to [BP] for executing a solid plan. Hopefully we face them on even terms next time, and we can show what we’re really capable of.

Thanks to Angry Cub for organizing the match for us.