Shared by Skiver on February 7, 2016

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In this video my friends, TheGuyNamedKj and JewCrew were having a viewer event and invited me to be a team leader! It was a 8v8v8v8 and there could be no more! After someone did some someone was begging Kj to allow him to play, Kj brought another guy in and allowed him to join my team (Atticus)! Well his friend (Richie) couldn’t get in earlier and called me a very racist term so we banned him! After Atticus got on my team Kj allowed us all 25 minuets to get into position. Atticus had no idea where anything was on the map so when the game started he was alone. When my team head south we hear Aug fire. Then Atticus says he’s dead. When He leaves He says “F*ck you!” Then his friend (Richie) Hacks and nukes the green mountain area then poking us and saying thats what you get for killing your teamate. What he doesnt know is we werent near Atticus when he died!

A series of random game play of Dayz Stand Alone.


The DayZ standalone is here! I plan on bringing you guys the best, funniest, craziest gameplay you can find on the internet. Hope you enjoy our journey of this amazing game. It’s only going to get better. Now let’s go kill some people!

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Ryan Taubert – Art Of Survival

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