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Dear Journal, 23-4-16
Woke up in the creek, on the southern side of the northern tracks. Decided to head up to my local church in Gvozdno to brew up some coffee. On my way there I saw two fully geared survivors, I have never seen men like them two before in this neck of the woods, the men were running full sprint with their assault riffles in hands. I protected myself and choose to follow them. This is Zander Mangum story..

The Red Zone.


I was kinda upset for a couple reason. Here’s why, #1. the way they captured me. weak way of tieing someone up, says lets put our guns up then just ties me up, eh? #2. the way he killed me. eh?. He could have done so much torture instead of just ending my life. :/ eh?.. whats the fun of just ending my life? bored? #3. the dude was paranoid as shit, like dude its a RolePlay server, hes was running back and forth when I first met him, ( kinda ruins the feel of it) when the other character is swaying back and forth dodging invisible bullets. Please dont do that. Who does that in RP? LOL. … Although in the long run, im not that mad, just couple things I was upset about. Hope my next experience is 100x better..

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