Shared by friendlyincherno on May 26, 2014

I really like this video. Maybe it’s just because I made a sexy new outro that I’m really proud of. Also thanks to Nippl3Nugget for letting me use his footage. Here’s his channel if you’re not already subscribed:


A little bit more about this video. We had a big flashmob at the Rify shipwreck. We decided it would be fun if a group of players with booney hats took me as a hostage in the ship. The booney hat players picked a spot in the boat, and set up there. Meanwhile 30 people waited outside the boat. Once everyone was ready the crowd of 30 charged in, not knowing where the booney hat players were. Their goal was to eliminate the guards and save me. So check it out. I also have some more footage from this event that will probably make it’s way into another video.

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