Shared by Credidred on March 1, 2015

This week I’m talking about the possibilities of a dirt system in Dayz Standalone. This system could work great with Dayz and other survival games. Also I talk about washing clothes in game with examples of items that could be introduced. More advanced cleaning methods from crafting more items could help add more content to camps and communities, All explained in the video


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    Maybe instead of just getting like less health progression when the clothes get filthy and damaged or dirt and badly damaged, the items inside can get dirty without you knowing, like open food cans or like around the rim of a cap on a PET bottle or natural canteen. Some of these things can become infected and dangerous to use. It could also be good for like camouflage, because if your clothes are pristine or worn and filthy you could be able to blend in with the land a bit more, so you could just roll around in the dirt and have a very very dulled down gillie suit.

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    I’ve got a nice concept but i haven’t really been able to share it properly and needs some thinking over as well. It’s a mental health system, which in effect should limit some aspects characters peformance. Your mental health would degrade when for instance; you kill someone, see someone getting killed, getting damaged to extremely low health, eating from lesser food sources, etc.. Or it would increase by doing things as teaming up (basically being around other players as an overtime effect), eating cooked food, or small things such as keeping your clothes clean, shaving, fishing, just trying to live a civilized life in the midst of an apocalypse. It would be a point based system, just like health or blood and would have several major stages which would be indicated in your character display. Each stage would limit your characters capabilities for crafting items, peforming tasks, etc.. A possible thing would be that when your mental health reaches 0, you would automatically commit suicide. That’s all i could come up with for now. I hope you can see to it and possibly make a concept video of it. Thanks for reading.

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    I’ll give ya an a for effort, but not a good idea.

  • I think a great idea would be using ash, charcoal, dirt, makeup,or paint on your skin and face either to entice fear, identify group members, or camouflage.

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    I always thought about this bro thanx