Shared by camcantrun on March 9, 2016

Video captured from a dynamic event carried out on “Hardcore Hunting Grounds” 1PP private hive.

The story goes as follows… a scientist named Jadolphous Randolph and his cousin have found the cure for the virus that turns people into the infected. After a radio transmission from his cousin that was more of a farewell than anything else he learned that the cure was spread throughout the state of Chernaurus.

We radio’d in the need for military escort and the outside establishment sent us a squad of there best. Only three made the trip across the savage land and they were ready for the task.

Video was captured through the three military escorts and my own personal experience. Music was done by a handful of different locations. The ones I can note because I’m aware of the source are below.
Shaun Taylor McManus:

Come join me on “Hardcore Hunting Grounds”

Video Geolocation