Shared by JeSTeR on September 26, 2014

ThyHairyYeti has nominated me to do an ALS challenge. No water buckets here. This one is pretty different. It’s MY version!
Special thanks goes to my friends Kaiser Chopp, NAMBLOOD, Clapton and of course, ThyHairyYeti.
For this challenge, I’ve nominated ManiacMike, Barely Infected, Charli3 DayZ and Mr. Moon.
ThyHairyYeti –
ManiacMike –
Barely Infected –
Charli3 DayZ –
Mr. Moon –
Kaiser Chopp –
Clapton –

Intro animation by JeSTeR
Intro music by DASC, “Timeless”, licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported.

“Sonic Recall” by Warfloor
Download link:

“Tango On Gap” by Sergey Kovchik
Download link:

“The Movie Screen Danger” by Serge Ozeryan
Download link:

“Oh Yeah” Sound Effect by Consuming Fire Artistic Creations/David Keller
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