Shared by CheesyPieFilms on June 1, 2014

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Hey Guys! I decided to try something different with this upload, I’m not sure how it will go down but hopefully you guys like it. This is the first part of my new Cinematic Story series in Arma. If you liked please leave a like and comment saying so and say how I can improve as this was my first time ever using Arma editor. There’s a few places which I went wrong in and the editing/voice acting could have been better but overall I’m happy with the outcome of this short-film. I will hopefully be getting a new mic soon as my mic now is not great quality as you can tell in the video.
Thanks for the support on the last video, it really means a lot and I’m really enjoying making videos for you guys as much as I can :]

Took 8 hours to edit.

Storyline: Vlock/CheesyPie
Cinematics: CheesyPie
Voice Acting: CheesyPie
Editing: CheesyPie

First Song: Freebird – Panpaniscus
Second Song: dom$olo – WetDreamz

Great Guys:

Karwin Leutscher –
Trelix –
Jacedaface –

Big thanks to Karwin Leutscher for the tutorials uploaded on how to use the Arma editor. It really helped as this was my first time using the editor.



Video Geolocation