Shared by true_colors on July 24, 2015

The return of the Survivor GameZ in an epic battle to the death between 16 teams of two.

How to watch the next one:

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Special thanks to:
Astro Gaming
Multiplay Servers
775 Crew

Survivor GameZ contestants:
Wigguli and Armetti
SilentSentry and Antony_Kongphan
Sacriel and Break71
Lirik and ShortyyGuy
TheDeluxe4 and Sidearms4reason
GoldGlove and Fairlight_Excalibur
Summit1G and mrshadezz
PsiSyndicate and KATTnftl
MrBlackOut and TehJamJAr
Mr Moon and Blizzehd
2mgovercsquared and Kortex
Itmejp and Strippin
Ellohime and ClamTaco
Whiteboy7thst and HybridPanda
TheGiantWaffle and DansGaming
5hizzle and Thadrius

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