Shared by TickleGhost on August 23, 2015

DayZ – Storytime – Ch1: Meet Ashley Gradham, a “beloved” school teacher who after a blood drunken night of murdering her students, wakes in a new town with amnesia.

As she tries to start a new “good” life and find love, someone…or something from her past shows up in haunting fashion. Ashley is forced to uncover the mystery of this man and of her past and put an end to him. This is the only way she can move on with the future.

Thanks for the Support – I feel like I really got the most out of this footage as the original footage wasn’t nearly as exciting.

This was a DayZ RP in a non-RP server so the fact that I didn’t die earlier is quite peculiar. I take a non-violence first approach when possible.





Songs used:

“Frost Waltz”, “Darkest Child”, “Ominous”, “Spacial Harvest”, “Windswept”, “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival – Intermission”, “Wounded”, “Comfortable Mystery”.


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