Shared by Sobieski12 on April 20, 2015

Hello survivors, this video is made to generate awareness regarding the glitchers of which are abusing the statues in various parts of the map. Hopefully the issue is fixed soon, but till then be cautious.

While I was playing on septic falcons servers, I ran around the map for about 3 hours. Wanted to encounter players, thus I moved into Cherno… To only find glitchers in the city, not to mention this cheating group also had sniper support.

Sniper took shots at me but failed, but sadly after camping for 30+ min to kill these cheater, it seemed that they logged. Thus I didn’t add that footage.

The video is more primary to inform the community of which are not still aware of this troublesome glitch. Will this video also make more players cheat, it’s possible. But hopefully it will also make the devs address this important issue.

Video Geolocation