Shared by DayzTVBOT on October 2, 2014

Here is what’s NEW in the 0.50 Experimental #1 Update! This is 0.50 Exp. Release 1 that came out oct. 1st. if you enjoyed this video show your support by clicking “LIKE.” For more livestreams follow – Twitter:
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The New 0.50 Update is Here! This the first Experimental Release of it and here is what’s new:

New holding animation

New running animations

Status message for drowning

Rabbit snare trap(craftable) – Recipe Rope + Sticks

Character gets to point of starvation and dehydration quicker.

New Old Man Zombie

New Town Svergino

Turovo Jail Removed

Drowning status message

This is the unofficial changelog for 0.50 Experimental #1 release.