Shared by DayzTVBOT on October 9, 2014

This Weeks 0.50 Experimental Update! This is the 2ND release of 0.50 that came out on OCT. 8! some new guns (mp133 & Repeater) Gear & animations and more. Build number: 0.50.1251444. if you enjoyed this video show your support by clicking “LIKE.” For more livestreams follow – Twitter:
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This weeks Experimental Update for 0.50 includes:

The MP133 Shotgun, Repeater.

Skate Helmet

Welding Mask

Small Fish Trap. Crafted using Machete and Water bottle

New Animations Breaking Chemlight and lighting Flare

Increased loot and loot spawning and green and yellow houses

Stitch Self up with sweing kit

and more.

Thanks for watching!!