Shared by ChimpyGlassman on March 2, 2014

I have created a short list from some of the gameplay over the last week or so of the top 10 things you shouldn’d do in DayZ.

10. Thou shalt not run across open ground in towns and cities
9.Thou shalt not pass up the opportunity for a drink
8. Thou shalt not dess like a circus performer
7. Thou shalt not scream ‘Jesus, Jesus, oh Jesus’ down direct chat and expect a warm welcome
6. Thou shalt not forget your house keys
5. Thou shalt not lose all humanity
4. Thou shalt not underestimate a bambi. Do as he asks.
3. Thou shalt not use excessive unprovoked foul language or crude racist slurrs!
2. Thou shalt not attack after a friendly ‘Hello’
1. Thou shalt not hack/glitch

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