Shared by M3DiC on March 9, 2016

This bunch of dummies went to the most geared area on the map equipped with the worst projectile weapon available… the improvised bow. Their “clever” idea was to setup an ambush in a new barracks with nothing but their wits and those shitty improvised bows. Watch as I fumble around and eventually kill these knuckleheads.
(Please excuse the black bars. My monitor kicked the bucket and the temp replacement is a 1680×1050 max. I didn’t adjust my render settings so it goofed with the aspect ratio)
Twitter: @M3DiC
Specs: 4690k @ 4.4Ghz, Z87, GTX 970, 8GB Ram, 240GB SSD, 700w PSU

This video was recorded with NVIDIA Shadowplay and edited using VSDC Free

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