Shared by Etherimp on May 28, 2014


Intro: 0:00
Character Selection/Name: 1:04
Server Browser: 3:47
Configuration Menu: 6:11
FOV: 8:44
Audio: 13:03
Brightness/Gamma: 14:20
VSync: 16:13
Quality (Object Detail): 18:49
In-Game demonstration of Object Detail / FOV: 19:19
Terrain/Clouds/Shadows: 22:34
Texture settings: 24:54
Rendering settings: 25:58
Post Processing Quality: 27:28
Mouse sensitivity/accel advice: 29:25
Key Assignments (controls): 36:14
Hold Breath Key: 39:01
Toggle Weapon Mode (Auto/Semi): 41:23
Last words: 45:34

This will be the first in a series of tutorial videos covering all aspects of DayZ from preparing yourself for success, to surviving and thriving as a lone wolf or in large groups. Whether you’re a hardened Vet from the mod, or you’ve just picked up the game, this series will walk you through the process of surviving, step by step, allowing you to take on anything DayZ can throw at you.