Shared by hwk on December 19, 2013

I’ll keep updating on this topic in the future should more things come up.

One more thing you can try: go to steam and select launch options on DayZ and
enter this line into the launch options: -cpucount=4 -exThreads=7.

Good luck guys!

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  • Profile photo of Derden95

    This was generally helpful, thought when I opened my graphic settings in notepad like you said, I found out my setting are already dramatically lower then what the suggested settings… so yea, fml

  • cazzie 2 years ago

    going to try this out now, thank you, easy to follow instructions

  • rASMUS 2 years ago

    enable FXAA god dammit :)

  • Danny 2 years ago

    yea didnt work that well my compter isnt that good but isnt that bad either. this game makes it seem like i spent 2 dollars on the computer i was very excited to play this and i can even play it :( what else could i do to make it run well

    • Profile photo of true_colors

      disk clean , defrag , clean the shit out of your hunk of scrap metal thats what i did and its not super laggy but its a little and its good enough now i can kill zombies with out trying

  • ChaosBlade 2 years ago

    Wow it worked so well i did everything to copy your settings but the graphics isnt the same like yours.

  • Bogdan 2 years ago

    you’re an idiot dude. stop doing videos like these…

  • Supre 1 year ago

    Noice can u spare a loiter m8

  • Profile photo of


  • densetsu 1 year ago

    Nice, generally credible video. If you do however end up updating it, when you get to the bit concerning bloom and rotation blur and want to show what difference they make visually, it’d probably help to not have post-process effects disabled. Great job!


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