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I’ll keep updating on this topic in the future should more things come up.

One more thing you can try: go to steam and select launch options on DayZ and
enter this line into the launch options: -cpucount=4 -exThreads=7.

Good luck guys!

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  • Profile photo of Derden95

    This was generally helpful, thought when I opened my graphic settings in notepad like you said, I found out my setting are already dramatically lower then what the suggested settings… so yea, fml

  • cazzie 11 months ago

    going to try this out now, thank you, easy to follow instructions

  • rASMUS 11 months ago

    enable FXAA god dammit :)

  • yea didnt work that well my compter isnt that good but isnt that bad either. this game makes it seem like i spent 2 dollars on the computer i was very excited to play this and i can even play it :( what else could i do to make it run well

  • ChaosBlade 10 months ago

    Wow it worked so well i did everything to copy your settings but the graphics isnt the same like yours.

  • Bogdan 10 months ago

    you’re an idiot dude. stop doing videos like these…

  • Supre 9 months ago

    Noice can u spare a loiter m8


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