Shared by TheLouis177 on February 9, 2014

DayZ Standalone Funny Moments – Handcuffed Pants – Crazy Asian – TAC Vest + M4A1 Optic

Before you SHOUT KOS NOOBS. Me myself i’m not a KOS person. My friends are.
Random Rave music:

Why are likes/dislikes disabled?
Well it was 181 likes to well was 60 dislikes then it ramped up to 99 dislikes suddenly.
Some Butt-hurt moaning don’t kill innocent person or people decided to just spam the dislikes just cause they were so butt-hurt. Or because one person was.

BUY IT NOW £19.99 Not sure whether you wanna buy it? Stay tuned for tomorrows video which will be in the sunlight of DayZ

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