Shared by Etherimp on July 22, 2014

Kossuth and I get waylaid by roadside bandits, and Aegis squad runs into trouble at NWAF.

Video Geolocation


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    Really great squad play, I liked how you manage firefights and general communications / decisions.
    However, you should give a try to the Hardcore mode because all this 3d cam abuse is just ridiculous.

    Keep up the good work!

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    Thanks! Appreciate the comment. I have played Hardcore, and would have no problem if the entire game was 1st person only perspective, as I come from Counter-Strike and BF3.. I play on 3rd person for a few reasons:

    1. That’s where most of my friends play.
    2. The servers tend to be more populated, which means more action, which means I can release videos more frequently.
    3. DayZ has it’s roots in 3rd person, and I played DayZ mod for over a year.
    4. I don’t glitch through walls, but I will look over/around them, because EVERYONE can, so you have to use that to your advantage on 3rd person servers. But, everyone has the same advantage/disadvantage, so it definitely affects your positioning/decision making..

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      1. Then your friends should start play hardcore for fair gameplay.
      2. Servers on hardcore are basically 40/40 and 10/40. Mr Blackout makes only hardcore videos, he has a great success and good publishing ratio. If you want populated servers, here they are.
      3. I disagree, Dayz mod was on Arma 2 engine which was a FPS game. People used 3d cam because it was less stressful, less immersive (more fun style), and also to view over walls.
      4. I didn’t said you glitch through walls 🙂 The fact that everyone is doing it doesn’t mean it’s fair. A good position become THE perfect spot with the 3d cam abuse.

      IE: If a recon was positioned on the roof top of the fire station at the NWAF part of the video, he would see you coming from far way, sending your position to his friends without beeing seen and without counterweight.
      Even if you adapt the way you’re approching the scene, you’ll be seen without being able to see him. This kind of situations, especially for camping snipers, are true in many cases and in many towns setup. that’s why it’s unfair. So no, everyone doesn’t have the same advantage/disadvantage regarding the 3d cam.

      And I didn’t even mention the general balance of the FPS only mode. For example the mountain backpack. In first person mode, you can’t see shit behind you with this thing on your back, which balance its huge capacity.