Shared by DR OCTAGON on January 8, 2014

after a few alpha spaz outs (unconscious glitch and joining a few servers where my “progress” had been “forgotten”) i rejoined my story at Rog and followed my original plan of heading North via a quieter route.I avoided obvious hot spots like Stary Sabor and headed up the middle of the map to Gorka , then risked it by going to the North East Airfield.I did this as not much happened on my journey and i came across no players.I was rewarded at the airfield with some good loot (M4A1 and a mountain backpack) and cut east to visit the ship wreck.I will explore the wreck in the next installment and if i live will head into Berezino.Actual long term survival seems unrealistic until wildlife (meat) is introduced and the game is a bit more stable , but who cares.I’m just happy it has been released.Thanks for watching.