Shared by theCGKgamer on May 12, 2015

Hello boys !
Here’s a new episode of my DayZ Shorts series, hope you enjoy !

After spawning in Cherno, I decided to avoid the city because of too much going on in it (Aks and M4 shooting everywhere). On my way towards dubky, I hear a sniper shooting mosin repeatadly from Chepeavsk appartments. At this point, he can be concidered dead. 🙂

Why did I react like that after checking his pulse ?
Dustyracks is a friend of mine. I didn’t know he was in the server I was in, and certainly not that he would be “stupid enough” to make the mistake of not switching position after shooting.
So Dusty, if ever you see this video, please don’t make the same mistake again my friend.

Hope you enjoy the video !

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