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Me and my good friend MGTV are planning on buying a Master Private Shard server. Although we can afford to pay for the public server (which we will be dropping after the end of July) the private shard is much more expensive ($30-$40 more) so we will need your help. First off before we can buy the server we need to know how many of you guys will be consistently playing on the server. Please go to and vote on how much you will be playing on the server. Like I said, we need your help paying for the server as it is very expensive so we are hoping for a goal of $40 (sometime in August) so we can afford to buy the server. Paypal donation Link: If and as soon as the amount donated exceeds our goal we will be using what extra there is to pay for the next month and/or using it for giveaways! Hope you guys enjoy the surprise! 🙂

Our server: The Chipotle Bandits | PvP Cherno & Balota Airfield!

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