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”Devil’s Castle is the largest of the castles in Chernarus. It consists of three large towers (only one of which is open) and a shed. The entire castle is surrounded by a large stone wall and connected to the surrounding towns via a dirt road.

It is the largest and most popular of the game’s castles and spawns the most loot of all of them, making it a big attraction for both Survivors and Bandits. You can usually find a good amount of loot inside, but there are sometimes quite a few zombies as well. Due to the fact that there are more valuable targets in Chernarus like Military Bases, it is mostly only visited by travelers passing through.

It was founded in the 11th century by the ruling Kozlov Principate as the keystone in a network of fortresses designed to consolidate the dynasty’s power in the newly founded region. It was two hundred years later, when this plan had failed, that the castle received its modern name. The bandit Jakub Cert (Czech for Devil) used it as his base of operations to pillage the surrounding countryside. When these raids ultimately brought an army to the walls, Jakub burned the keep rather than surrender it to his foe. It is said that on quiet nights the spirit of Duke Ivan Kozlov can be seen wandering the remnants of his masterwork, charred by the Devil.”

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