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Coordinates: 026 143
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”Added in 0.53, this area is highly dangerous. It is a great point of interest for anyone, given its wide variety and high quantities of both civilian and military loot. It has a main prison complex that consists of several connected buildings full of jail cells, offices, etc. and contains mostly prison-related loot like handcuffs and weapons. Within the walls of the complex, there is also a single military barracks building.

Outside the complex, on the other end of the island across the bridge, is a military prison and a set of three civilian barracks buildings. Due to most of the coastline around the island being very rocky and inaccessible, only one area is designated for traffic in and out; to reach it head down the dirt road to the water where you’ll find sheds and overturned boats.”

Lush Reverberations And Flamenco Vibes by Cullah

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