Shared by kenblocker on December 1, 2015

DayZ Standalone – Revenge. A short film in Chernogorsk. Another late night recording, so please excuse the quietness and close-to-the-mic-so-S’s-whistle-ness. Luh ya!

Please bare in mind that I’m only just learning to do DayZ Roleplay, edit videos into cinematic/short film styled videos and am trying my best to improve. While constructive criticism is absolutely welcome, I’d appreciate it if you’re friendly about it.

DayZ is an open world Zombie Survival game currently in early access. While it currently has plenty of bugs and flaws, it’s an incredibly addictive game which excels in its player interaction, where most of the excitement comes from. It’s an excellent game for cinematic styled short film type content, which is my favorite kind of video to make, as well as role play gameplay.

To see more of my content, including Let’s Plays as well as short films, cinematic videos and more, in games ranging from DayZ, to Project Zomboid, Don’t Starve, Minecraft, TellTale Games (The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and more), Fallout and much more, check out my channel. I use a lot of playlists for everything, so hopefully that should make navigating fairly easy.

In case you can’t already tell from the list above, I’m into mainly survival based, hardcore games – and I love zombies, which is why DayZ is my main game.

Much love, Isaac.

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