Shared by Happybro on February 1, 2016
  • Hicks hopes to see .60 on exp. branch in late february
  • Hicks likes the videos of BarelyInfected a lot (especially he was impressed by the video ‘Fighting Cholera’
  • Hicks saw already some of working DayZ PS4 and Xbox One version (a little team is working on it); However the PC-version is the mainfocus
  • New renderer allows new visualisations (f.e. if player gets drunk, you will see some effect that you are drunk. If this will be added is unclear. Maybe they will think about it after reaching 1.0. milestone)
  • Flies around corpses (with different sound) confirmed
  • After 1.0. they will futher improve the map… maybe even creating a new map
  • No plans for snow-area for Chernarus+ right now
  • Stamina growth confirmed
  • In vanilla dayz you will never be able to wear other peoples faces
  • Hicks does not believe they will manage to add bike in .60
  • Hicks is interested in blood trails, but something like this could be added only after 1.0 (the devs know what they want to do first)
  • Rotten food will spawn very soon again
  • Sleeping bags will not happen (you will not be able to spawn in your base after you die like in Rust)
  • Devs are thinking about let steam-friends spawn in the near of their friends (if they are in the same bubble); f.e. you don’t spawn 10km or far, but rather up to 5km to each other. the randomization is still very important. but it is just thinking, no plans so far

Huge thanks to /u/panix199 for his work.