Shared by Annexed on August 13, 2016

Hello everyone, my name is Annexed and today I’m bringing you guys a project I’ve been working on with a few other amazing content creators and players. I welcome YOU, to PandemicRP.

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Amazing music in this video is for non profit and is made by these amazing artist! :

Noisy Sunday – Patrick Watson

Jamie N Commons – Lead Me Home


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    Amazing Vid.

    I quote: “PandemicRP’s goal is to have Roleplay which feels authentic without too many rules which will be detrimental to the feel of the roleplay. This means the primary goal here on PandemicRP is good roleplay.”

    “This is acheived through a ruleset which is not too restrictive when it comes to how you roleplay, but enough that its a fair playing field for everyone and promotes enjoyable roleplay for each partie(s).”

    Love it men.

    Gonna get more info about it and try to participate when its ready!