Shared by RobCoxxy on October 18, 2015

PART ONE: Today, I’m showing off Overwatch, a vital part of DayZ group play. When successful, a DayZ Standalone Sniper Team works effectively with a ground party to secure an area, spotting zombies and enemy players, pointing out mobile targets for takedown and killing priority, stationary targets, for a huge upper hand in the field.

An efficient team of Snipers and Spotters, communicating and cooperating with your frontline can mean a world of difference in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of DayZ.

However, I’m not arrogant enough to say this works out in our favour every time. PART TWO shows exactly how tits up things can go, very quickly, when planning goes out of the window and communication is but a dull fart in the wind; as Dan Howell and Darren Meredith fuck off to find a pond or something while I print something out.

I return to an absolute clusterfuck that everyone struggles to make sense of, resulting in everybody fucking dying.

That’s DayZ, baby.

Video Geolocation