Hello! Been wanting to make this video for a while and decided to do it over the weekend as it has included a lot of editing with the overlay and the recording of the footage:-) If any of you guys wanna test out the guns like I did , pm me, and I will explain it to you:-)

Also when a new update comes out I will private this video and and add on the new guns to the end or something:-) or make a seperate video for it, linking after this or something so I can keep up and show you guys:-)

I also understand I have missed out the L11A1 and Lupua but you can see that in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2BHA9bMfVw&feature=youtu.be at the end:-)

Also I left out the Kar98k? I mean who wants to see that lol? piece of shite x-D

So thanks for watching guys:D And I’ll see you in the next one:D


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