Shared by camcantrun on July 15, 2016

“Sing in me, Muse, and through me tell the story of the man skilled in all ways of contending. The wanderer, harried for years on end.”

-Homer (Opening to The Odyssey)

Hello everybody and thanks so very much for stopping by the channel. This is the first episode of a one life series I’m starting on the ever glorious DayzUnderground servers. This series will at least makes it’s way to three parts as that is how much footage I’m currently sitting on but in the long haul I hope to make it a long endeavor you guys can live out along side me.

It’s been a second and the world has been crazy. I’m going up to eye ball my new house in a week and also build my music studio so send good vibes my way for that to go well.

Music was from these fine fellows:

Check out the DAYZUNDERGROUND server and apply to be whitelisted to play the game in what I feels is the best format. Unrestricted, FirstPerson, & HackerFree.

Thanks so much everyone, hope all is well where you are.

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