Shared by Crawster on July 9, 2014

▸ Intense Gunfight at the NWAF!

▸ You’re never alone in DayZ, this proves that statement.

▸ Crawster, Smugle & UltraPixel decide too hop onto a Hardcore server too loot the NWAF, we were almost finished until Smugle got shot, We all had our own Jobs, I had too flank and look for the guy, Pixel had too scope the area and Smugle, well Smugle he had too respawn. I flanked around the whole airfield, searching almost everywhere. Until Pixel spotted a guy and took the shot, he got one of the two guys. I continued too flank around too search the tents, nothing was found. Me and Pixel re-grouped and started looting the tents as it turns out the guy left when his friend was shot. The tents were already looted so me and Pixel ran into the forest too hide and we lived for another day!

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