Shared by PmsProxy on July 20, 2015

Everyone meet Sarah Ankerman, Chernarus News in the field reporter and she is live with a Never break character event.

Part 1 “Drugs” 3:50
Part 2 “Busted” 13:22
Part 3 “Human Meat” 26:45
Part 4 “Scandle” 36:43

Never break character event: This is an event where participants are given roles they must play throughout the event, as you can see I was given the role NEWS REPORTER. So thought the video everyone you see has been given a role and they must stay in that character until they die or the event is over.

Ivory Tower Roleplay Server is a whitelisted community looking for more survivors who want to learn or continue roleplaying in the DayZ world. It has a great admin staff and a welcoming feeling all around, if you are interested in joining please check out this link to the steam group!

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