Shared by Weyland-Yutani on September 25, 2014

Location: Western Myshkino
Coordinates: 011 081
Build: Stable Branch 0.48 & 0.49

Our research team will take you on a before and after virtual tour of Balota Tent City and its migration to Myshkino.

This film is a bit special to our team for a few reasons. For one, I have been waiting for some time now to use the title track ‘Americana’ by Kevin MacLeod. It is a truly a beautiful piece of work. Second, our R&D teams brainstormed this development several months ago.

On June 27th I suggested the removal of tent city from Balota and to burn the airfield out with airstrikes to bring back south coast spawns. All of which can now be found in-game. This video is proof that DayZ developers listen to the community. A wise choice if I may say so myself.


Special thanks to FAQ2chief and RazerPt for starring in this film!

Thanks for watching!