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Meet the Plissken brothers,three bat sh*t crazy brothers surviving in the apocalypse. This was one of the craziest nights in gaming I’ve ever had. Dayz Standalone.
CHAPTER 1: “Kira” 1:59
CHAPTER 2: “The Last Night” 23:38
CHAPTER 3: “Pushing Forward” 38:02

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Dimitri (Marty Plissken)

Music Credits
โ€œThe Returningโ€ (by Jelsonic)
โ€œSaying Goodbye In The Rain (piano)โ€ (by Jelsonic)

“Ambush”, “Anguish”, “Consequence”, “Dark Standoff”, “Hand Balance Redux”, “The Pyre”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0