Shared by CommanderPixel on June 17, 2015

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    Yep Ill be doing precisely that…waiting for those server files to come out. I do a fair bit of modding on the mod – hosting an Epoch server on a dedi box that I have at home – Rebel Gamers although the box is not up and running at moment as going through some repairs/upgrading to it. So know a bit about the sql side of things/mission files etc. Hmmm may be once things are up and running we’ll see some of the great addon scripts that we saw in the mod come to the standalone. personally Id love to see the “Parachute” spawn come to the standalone and maybe write a small script to add an intro song like blur gaming did in the mod.

    Waiting for modders on the server files will definitely be a good thing! Lots of private servers will be a good thing for the game so long as it doesnt water the “quality” down.