Shared by Seyyoshi on April 17, 2014

You feeling dirty, punk?
– Clint Eastwood

Welcome to a video of crime! First of all thanks for passing by! We never got to see the guy again but I’m happy to say that justice was served! Been upgrading PC quite a bit, as well as that I will be starting gymnasium after the summer. I’ve been quite active on DayZtv recently I find the site really fun and entertaining. That’s just filled with DayZ an when I say “Just DayZ” I mean just DayZ. Nothing else. Now that summer is coming I will be recording constantly everyday and I am currently working on getting a twitch channel up that I will stream with at least once a week. It all depends how things go. Anyways MERCI BEACOUP for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a like! Here is the music that was used in the video. These are beast man, check’ em!

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Klingande – Punga

Kubix – Smile

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