Shared by Dadas on May 12, 2016

Source code:
Virustotal scan:

Hopefully this time it won’t be removed from because it cointains source and virustotal link

This new version autodetects resolution and you can also set delay between clicking refresh and joining.
Other changes: renamed folder on my desktop called “nigger” to “BLACK MAN 0% RACISM” to disable racism

How to use:
0. Edit coords.txt to fit your needs
1. Open internet tab, enable displaying of full servers and add all 0.60 exp into your favorites.
2. Then disable displaying full servers and remove servers with 0/60 players because they are glitched.
3. Press S to start clicking and when you get finally connected, press X to exit

If it doesn’t join any servers, only refreshes, increase delay in coords.txt
Also, if your windows resolution is not the same as DayZ resolution, change coords.txt to absolute coordinates

If your antivirus flags it as a virus, you are being ripped off because it is shit, check the source

Video Geolocation