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In this video we prove that loot (weapons) doesn’t necesarily gets redistributed after a server restart (not all of it). Yes, part of the loot gets picked up or despawns and exactlly that loot gets replaced with new one or redistributed from a diferent area, but that is not what happens in 100% of the cases.

After a server restart new loot gets added, loot that is not available during a sever lifetime (or it’s available, but luck is a very important factor (you need to be in the right place at the right time)).

What we prove here is that there is something wrong with the loot table: you cannot loot 17 different servers and find no weapons. There is smething wrong here…the video stands as a proof (my tests as well if you believe my word).


Axor – Suspended, FFWD, Indigo

Shaun O’Brian – Emerge

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