Shared by RobCoxxy on November 23, 2016

Breaking the tradition of most DayZ videos being the creator’s moments of badassery and sheer unadulterated skill, or in someone’s case, running health scripts or playing entirely staged scenarios to make your E-Peen look nice and girthy; I’ve thrown together my saltiest, shittiest experiences in 0.61 Experimental Branch so far.

After a decent length run with Clarkey that ended in a server-restart shootout that ruined about seven different people’s days, my lives in Exp have been hopeful and cruelly shortened, or drawn out, loot-scarce and swiftly ended by an absolute parade of fluttering cunts.

Here’s a handful of my lives from my four hour play session with Andy on Saturday. While Andy was strolling around the map making friends, I had, from the get-go, a constant stream of wall-to-wall arseholes ending my lives before they even began. Laugh at my misery. And bring chips for the salt.

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