Shared by Unreal on May 22, 2014

Stick: chop a bush
Log: chop a tree
Fireplace kit: stick + rag
Fireplace: fireplace kit + stone + wooden log
Igniting: matchbox in hands + scroll on fireplace

What you need:


How to Make a Fireplace

Now that you have some raw meat you will want to start your fire. It’s fairly simple to get started. You had better collect some wood if you haven’t done so already. Swinging your axe at a tree will get you some ‘firewood’. You can then split this firewood in your inventory into 3 wooden sticks. You can also find sticks on the forest floor, or even swing your axe at a bush to produce them. You’ll need both ‘firewood’ and ‘wooden sticks’ to get started. First you need to make a ‘fireplace kit’. You can do this by combining ‘rags’ or ‘bandages’ with ‘wooden sticks’.

Once you have a fireplace kit, you can safely drop it on the ground and you will see the beginnings of your fireplace on the ground in front of you. In order to get it going, you will need to add some ‘firewood’. Within the inventory screen, you will see the fireplace kit has some free slots on it. Drop some ‘firewood’ into one of the free slots and you will see the fire starting to take shape. You can go ahead a light it now by equipping matches in your hand and selecting ‘light fire’ over the fireplace.

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