Shared by DayzTVBOT on November 9, 2014

Continuing on my DayZ crafting catalogue and showing you how to make a splint. I’m currently north of Cherno and I’ve over heard gunshots. Didn’t hear multiple shots or any return fire so I can only imagine that it was a kill on a new spawn or zombies.

Okay so looks like a zombie has snook up on her and broken her leg. Her shotgun is dropped on the floor so I’m fairly certain its safe. So to fix a broken leg, or any limb – your going to need rags and a wooden stick. Rags can be obtained but ripping up a t-shirt. Wooden stocks are gathered from chopping up bushes or tree using an axe. This player didn’t have an axe that’s why she’s unable to help herself but you can apply splints onto your own limbs also.

Drag and drop the rags onto the sticks and select the first option – craft splint. Takes a few seconds then its dropped on the floor. Place in your inventory and into your hands then look at the person and select “Use On”.and as you can see shes now able to stand again, good deed for the day.

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